བདེན་པའི་ར་སྤྲོད། Tibetan Public Talk Video 30/04/2014

Tibetan Public Talk Video

‘བདེན་པའི་ར་སྤྲོད། THE TRUE FACTS’

Some excerpts from the video:

In this video you can see the truth of the conflict in Tibetan community - how Shugden practitioners are going through discrimination, ostracism and their human rights and religious rights are completely violated by the Dalai Lama and his fanatical followers.

“They (the Office of the Dalai Lama’s Representative) called my younger sister after I left and they told her you host some spirit worshippers and Chinese money receivers in your house and thats not allowed in your house…”

Why are they (the Office of the Dalai Lama’s Representative) not allowing to see ones sister, creating so much bad karma? … There is no place in this world that one cannot see ones own sister.

“Living in my community is very difficult if you practice Dorje Shugden, the people from community and their leader came to ask us to take oath and sign that we are not practicing any more. My late husband refused to do that but the other problem is that my daughter has relation with non worshipper they have one child and … they are asking her not to have contact any more with her parents from today.

Parents of her husband want to bring my grandson to Dharamsala schools, and same time they are saying this boy cannot enter in Dharamasala school.”

“In Ooty Tibetan community on the issue of Dorje Shugden, they had meeting and got resolution saying that each person need to take Oath that not keeping any relation with Dorje Shugden practitioner. Without leaving any options to people, fully suppress, everyone must take this Oath, and finally only three families left. We don’t have any hope left that anyone can help this out. Even some very close friends cannot talk. So I feel very sad and confused, how far things will go if we stay in this Tibetan community. These nasty activities not benefit to religious or political. In my life I have never done anything that harms Tibetan and Tibet cause, in future I will not intend to do that and also I am not that kind of guy. I always voluntarily serve the community and I never broke any rules or regulations. I thought we are living in this open and modern world that everybody can express whatever they wish to say, but in this case it is not like that - putting a lot of oppression that one cannot express ones own thought, so some feel and I myself sad and shy and shame that this kind of community I live in. They think that they did a right and pride work for Tibetan cause, but in reality it is very shame and harmful for Tibet and Tibetan growing on new age.

I don’t see anything constructive resulting from this ban except the bad influence such as divorce and split out from family members, expelled from monastery and different institutions, and teachers and students relations hurt. That’s creating huge bad karma for oneself and others.”

“Now it’s been forced our neighbors don’t speak and staring at us and completely cut communications. The representative of community came to my house asking me to sign the oath not to practice Dorje Shugden, and I told them with my hands folded please don’t bother me. Firstly I am an old women and until now from Tibet I am practicing Dorje Shugden. I am not going to give up these special prayers sorry. Then they asked my daughter to sign and my daughter told them she is not going to sign what so ever. They came to our house a couple of times. Now we are completely cut out from this community. They gave us a letter that we are not allowed to attend any public assembly.”