A Special Announcement

The Directors of the International Shugden Community previously announced that from 1 Dec 2015 they had decided to completely stop organising demonstrations against the Dalai Lama. Now, from the 10th
March 2016 the International Shugden Community itself will dissolve, including its websites.

May everybody be happy.

Len Foley
Representative of the International Shugden Community

Who We Are and What We’re Asking of the Dalai Lama

International Shugden Community leafletThe International Shugden Community is an umbrella organization comprised of members of manyBuddhist traditions that represent the four million Shugden Buddhists around the world. We are campaigning for an end to the discrimination against the people of our faith that the Dalai Lama has created. To resolve this problem we are asking the Dalai Lama to write to the Tibetan communities throughout the world informing them of the following four points:

1. That both individuals and communities should completely stop all discrimination against the practice of Shugden and its practitioners

2. That they should maintain harmonious relationships with Shugden practitioners

3. That they should never try to harm Shugden practitioners either directly or indirectly

4. That they should solve this present problem by practically applying the above three points

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