Photographic Evidence of Discrimination

Denial of Medical Services

clinic sign

“Public Notice: This monastery is under pledge to dissociate itself from any individual or organization practicing Dorjee Shugden or having any association with Shugden Worshippers. Therefore, they are requested not to visit this unit of the monastery for any reason. Thank you for the co-operation.”

The Loseling Altruistic Medical Association (LAMA) is a charitable medical association registered with the government of Karnataka, India. This medical association runs Loseling Clinic, at Drepung Loseling Monastery, which is supposed to provide healthcare to all Tibetans, both ordained and lay.

Barred from Contacting or Entering the Dalai Lama’s Palace

Dalai Lama's Palace Sign


“Special Notice: Anyone man or woman who worships Dholgyal [Shugden] or has connection with devotees of Dholgyal: Please do not contact the settlement palace of His Holiness.”

Sign posted on June 1, 2013, at the gate of Bylakuppee Settlement Palace of the Dalai Lama.

Businesses of Known Shugden Practitioners Boycotted

Shugden Businesses Boycotted


“To Devotees of Avalokiteśvara: In Camp no. 3, near the moustachioed Amdo’s restaurant, a shop owned by a family of camp 4, they are Shugden worshippers, thus you all are strongly recommended not to walk in or buy anything from this shop.

Signed: the group of enemy defeaters
Office of the Representative; Central Tibetan Administration of the Dalai Lama, Mundgod”

Denied Service at Shops and Restaurants

shop barred 1 shop barred 2 moneygram shop
“Anyone who practices Dorje Shugden do not enter this shop.”

South India

“Do not enter this restaurant anyone who practices Dorje Shugden.”

Bylakuppe, South India

“Do not enter this shop anyone who practices Shugden.”

Bylakuppe, South India