The False Dalai Lama who changes Buddhism into political gain through lying

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Make no mistake about it, the Dalai Lama is first and foremost a politician. Though admired as the ‘spiritual leader of the Tibetan people’ in reality he uses this position as a veil to conceal his true actions and intentions, exploiting his celebrity status to further his own personal and political ambitions.

There is a vast body of well-documented evidence proving that away from the glare of the international media the Dalai Lama is a ruthless and corrupt politician who uses intimidation, humiliation and banishment to suppress those who do not abide by his authoritarian edicts.

Rather than being subjected to scrutiny and held to account for these iniquitous actions, the Dalai Lama enjoys a devious courtship with politicians, journalists and celebrities whose interests are served by their association with him. His elaborate public relations machine financed by the millions he shamefully earns from Buddha’s teachings exploits these relationships to protect him from public scrutiny and perpetuate the myth that he is a humble Buddhist monk who champions the cause of religious freedom and promotes the protection of human rights.

But while the world fetes the Dalai Lama as a great Buddhist leader the truth is that through his lies and deception he is destroying the spiritual heart of the Buddhist religion and transforming it into a vehicle for naked personal ambition and political gain…

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Download the PDF leaflet