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Shame on you Dalai Lama!

Wherever the Dalai Lama goes, he can’t escape people reminding him of how he has humiliated his Root Guru’s precious tradition, created terrible disharmony within the Tibetan community, and unleashed a campaign of discrimination against his own spiritual brothers and sisters.

ISC NEWS: Where does the division come from?

In snow and sub-zero temperatures, over 500 people asked the Dalai Lama for religious freedom. Local Tibetans shared their experiences of discrimination and called on the Dalai Lama to reach out and begin a path to resolving this trauma within their community.

ISC Testimonies video 6

A wonderful, dignified Tibetan man describes the harassment, intimidation and violence he experienced within his community in Switzerland simply because of his religious beliefs. His kind and forgiving response shows the good character of Shugden Buddhists.

ISC Testimonies video 5

A Tibetan living in Switzerland describes how his family were forced out of the Tibetan Exile Community. Having already fled from the Chinese, this Dalai Lama encouraged ostracism has left them exiled from even their refugee community.

ISC Testimonies video 4

A Tibetan Teenager living in the USA describes how Dalai Lama supporting Tibetans engaged in a racist campaign against his father’s restaurant, and the physical violence he himself has endured because of his faith.

ISC Testimonies video 2 - Lobsang Dorje

Lobsang Dorje, the President of the North American Gelugpa Buddhist Association, describes some of the tragedies unfolding inside Tibet as a result of the Dalai Lama’s policy of suppressing Dorje Shugden practitioners.