Chapter 4

A Hypocrite

Although the Dalai Lama talks constantly about love and compassion, his own actions have brought and continue to bring misery and unhappiness. Since 1996, this false Dalai Lama has unceasingly inflicted heavy and unjust punishment on Dorje Shugden practitioners – all of whom are completely innocent of any crime or misdemeanour. Using his people like an army, the Dalai Lama has destroyed many Shugden temples and shrines, caused millions of people to experience inhumane situations and unbearable feelings of pain, and expelled all Shugden practitioners from the Tibetan community. He has caused innocent people to become severed from their families, friends, monasteries and communities. Thousands of Shugden practitioners have been forced into refugee status for the second time in their lives, as they try to escape this inhumane treatment by seeking exile in other countries.

On 8 February 2008, this Dalai Lama caused the expulsion of 900 monks from their monasteries in India. Earlier, on January 9th, he had been invited to inaugurate a Prayer Hall for a large monastic community in South India. At this supposedly spiritual event he publicly announced a ‘Referendum on the practice of Dolgyal’ (Dolgyal is a false name for Dorje Shugden, which the Dalai Lama uses in a derogatory way), insisting on a collection of votes on this issue by the deadline of February 8th. Each monk was required to cast his individual vote. But since when did any spiritual practice become the object of a political vote like this?

The voting itself was held in public, in full view of monastery administrators, by casting coloured sticks indicating either ‘yes’ or ‘no’, with no possibility of abstention. As a direct result of this so-called referendum 900 innocent monks were then summarily expelled from their monasteries.

Most of these 900 monks were very poor and had no other place to live; many were fearful of the future and actually wept as they were forced to leave. The false Dalai Lama is clearly breaking the law by inflicting such blatant religious persecution. Making this difficult situation worse for the expelled monks is the message now being issued by his representatives to the Tibetan community, that anyone who helps Dorje Shugden practitioners will receive similar punishment. Furthermore, anyone who dares not to follow the orders of the Dalai Lama is publicly denounced by his government ministers and declared a ‘Chinese supporter’. Not satisfied with this, his ministers encourage groups within the Tibetan community to humiliate, discredit and ostracise the people denounced, and to distribute ‘wanted’-style posters giving their names, addresses and biographical details, and those of their families.

Becoming aware of the international public horror at these recent violations, which clearly stem from the single-minded policy of the Dalai Lama alone, the Tibetan Prime Minister and other officials within the exile Tibetan government then started a campaign to distance the Dalai Lama from this referendum, and from the resulting inhumane victimisation of a whole section of the Tibetan community. Such official deception, hypocrisy and duplicity is truly astounding.

One only needs to hear the speeches of the Dalai Lama and to witness current events within the Tibetan community to understand the truth. It should be clear to the international public, and to world leaders, governments and other organisations that it is the false Dalai Lama himself and no one else who solely initiated and who solely maintains the prevalent discrimination, persecution and intolerance within Tibetan society today.

The Dalai Lama has given two reasons for banning the practice of Dorje Shugden. He claims that Shugden practice shortens his lifespan and harms Tibetan independence, but this is all complete nonsense. He has never produced one valid piece of evidence to prove his claims. He asserts that ‘Shugden is an evil spirit’, but where is his evidence to prove this? Until now the only evidence he has given has been recollections of his own dreams. But how can he think that such ‘evidence’ is credible? It is utter nonsense and would be thrown out of any court of law.

If the Dalai Lama is not lying and really has valid evidence to support his actions then he should make this evidence public; and he should do this himself, not through those whom he hides behind and makes perform his ‘dirty work’.

The Dalai Lama has somehow been very fortunate in his deception and repressive behaviour. Even now, because he has inherited a high reputation and title from his predecessors, many people still believe what he says without checking its validity. It is only this inheritance that has given him the opportunity to use the title ‘Dalai Lama of Tibet’ and become known throughout the world. He has never earned this title through his own personal qualities or actions. This is clear from the way in which he has misused his position in this modern world. Instead of putting Buddha’s teachings of universal love, compassion and equanimity into practice he continues to inflict discrimination, persecution and intolerance upon Tibetans and upon western Buddhists. He is cynically abusing the faith that people have in him.

If he really is a Buddhist ‘holy being’, then why is he directly acting against Buddha’s teachings? Buddha said, ‘You should never harm living beings because they are your kind mothers.’ But for many years now the Dalai Lama has harmed millions of innocent people causing them completely unnecessary suffering, fear and dangers. And what benefits have been achieved from these actions? None whatsoever!

This false Dalai Lama is the only 21st century ‘Buddhist’ dictator. He is the only Tibetan ‘lama’ who uses Buddha’s teachings for political aims. He is the only Tibetan ‘lama’ who is causing great suffering and sorrow to millions of innocent people. He is the only Tibetan ‘lama’ who has no compassion.

To liberate millions of innocent people from suffering we request everyone throughout the world, including world leaders, to ask the Dalai Lama to accept the following four points:

  1. to allow anyone who wishes to practise Dorje Shugden the freedom to do so;
  2. to stop completely the discrimination against Shugden practitioners;
  3. to allow all Shugden monks and nuns who have been expelled to return to their monasteries and nunneries; and to receive the same material and spiritual rights as non- Shugden practitioners;
  4. to write to Tibetan communities throughout the world that they should apply practically the above three points.