The Politics of the Kalachakra Initiations

On this subject the Mongoose-Canine Letter says:

‘Normally the Kalachakra initiation is not given in public. Then you [Dalai Lama] started to use it continuously in a big way for your politics … Nowadays you have given the Kalachakra initiation so many times you have made the Tibetan people into donkeys. You can force them to go here and there as you like.’ (see Appendix 7)

When people receive a Tantric Buddhist initiation or empower- ment they are encouraged to establish a close connection with the person giving the initiation. It has been said that the main reason for the Dalai Lama giving so many Kalachakra initiations in the West is to create many western disciples as a powerful basis of support for his political actions – such as the ban on the practice of Dorje Shugden.

According to some sources, in the past Kalachakra initiations were mainly given by those holding the Panchen Lama’s position, and that this is because of a special connection, the Panchen Lama being a manifestation of Shambhala’s god-king. Gradually the Fourteenth Dalai Lama has taken over this position, until finally now no other lama has the opportunity to give the Kalachakra initiation in public. For the Dalai Lama, giving the Kalachakra empowerment is the best method to make money, to control people through spiritual devotion, and to spread his reputation. In this way he can use people’s religious faith to fulfil his political aims. It is shameful that Buddha’s precious teachings of Highest Yoga Tantra are being used for such worldly achievements.