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International Shugden Community Statement

Dalai Lama – The Worst Dictator in this Modern Day Through this information we are telling the Dalai Lama to stop lying, stop harming millions of people, stop abusing basic human rights, and stop religious discrimination. For his own selfish political gain the Dalai Lama has falsely banned the worship of the enlightened deity called Dorje…Continue Reading

Al Jazeera News Report

Watch this 10 minute Al Jazeera news report detailing the Dalai Lamas persecution of Dorje Shugden practitioners and the religious apartheid he refuses to end. Al Jazeera - The Dalai Lama’s Persecution of His Own People People & Power - The Dalai Lama: The Devil Within This video shows an edition of Al-Jazeera’s news programme…Continue Reading

A Brief Summary of Events

Ostracism and discrimination of Shugden Practitioners by the Dalai Lama On 30 March 1996, a letter was sent from the private office of the Dalai Lama to the Abbots of various monasteries in India. It warned of: ‘a danger to the health of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, as well as to the cause of…Continue Reading

Shugden Practitioners Denied Medical Attention

By: Mar Nee ‘The Loseling Altruistic Medical Association (LAMA) is a charitable medical association registered with the government of Karnataka, India. This medical association runs Loseling Clinic at Drepung Loseling Monastery which is supposed to provide healthcare to all Tibetans, both ordained and lay. It also conducts free medical camps in remote villages and aims…Continue Reading

Public Announcement from the International Shugden Community

We are announcing publicly the following important information. In an interview with the Dalai Lama appearing in the November 1997 issue of the American magazine Mother Jones, Robert Thurman asked the Dalai Lama: ‘The loss of your own nation to China has been used as an example of the futility of non-violence and tolerance. When…Continue Reading

FREE ebook

The False Dalai Lama – a new book exploring the hidden, dark side of everyone’s favourite “celebrity monk” – will be available to buy here and at selected bookstores in the very near future.  At the same time, the ebook version will be available to download FREE from this website!  Keep checking back for updates, and…Continue Reading