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Today’s news headline: You’re a hypocrite Dalai Lama

In Norwegian National Newspaper Dagbladet May 1st, 2014 See story here: Full translation: You’re a hypocrite Dalai Lama The Peace Prize winner can expect the largest international protest in eight years from excluded Buddhists. Here is a Buddhist nun speaking out against the Buddhist leader Dalai Lama (78), who will demonstrate in front of…Continue Reading

Open Letter to The Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile from The International Shugden Community

In point 2 of your resolution you say: “Worshipping the worldly gods, particularly spirits for protection, contravenes the principle of following the three refuge in Buddhism. The conference unequivocally proclaims that any individuals or organisation propitiating Dolgyal, would not be affiliated to any Tibetan religious school.” You are lying! Following the Dalai Lama’s view and…Continue Reading

Seven Personal Stories from the California Demonstrations

Did the people who attended the demonstrations in California have positive experiences? Did the demonstrations have any positive effects on the minds of the people who encountered us? You bet! Far from being heavy or unhappy, the demonstrations in California were overwhelmingly positive. Both the demonstrators and many people who spoke with us left with…Continue Reading