Look, The Emperor Has No Clothes!

Look, the Emperor Has No Clothes!

by Andrew Norton

The Dalai Lama’s cloak of respectability, long held in place by sycophantic admirers and a PR machine that would be the envy of any Hollywood celebrity, is finally slipping away, revealing a ruthless dictator who, for his own political gain, has divided the Tibetan community and instigated a campaign of religious apartheid that is bringing physical and mental suffering on thousands of his own people.

In banning the centuries old spiritual practice of relying upon the enlightened protector Dorje Shugden and ruthlessly persecuting those who continue with it, he has sacrificed spiritual integrity on the altar of political expediency and personal gain.

Despite the fact that his cruelty and hypocrisy are well documented, until recently few have dared to raise their voice in opposition. Like a real life version of the Emperor’s New Clothes, we have chosen not to look at his true nature and his ruthless actions, but have preferred instead to stand back and admire the cloak of respectability and spiritual integrity woven by his PR machine.

But now all that is changing. Concerned people with wisdom and courage are beginning to question the carefully crafted myths of the Dalai Lama. Lifting his false cloak of respectability they are beginning to lay bare years of unscrupulous and hypocritical acts that have brought immense suffering on thousands of people.

More and more articles and videos exposing his true nature are beginning to appear. And no, they do not all come from the Chinese government as the Dalai Lama’s cronies would have us believe. They come from free thinking individuals who reject the culture of denial that surrounds the Dalai Lama and who have chosen to hold the Dalai Lama accountable, as we would any other political or spiritual leader.

It is not a pretty sight, but for the sake of our future sanity, his cloak must be removed.