Shugden Practitioners Denied Medical Attention


By: Mar Nee ‘The Loseling Altruistic Medical Association (LAMA) is a charitable medical association registered with the government of Karnataka, India. This medical association runs Loseling Clinic at Drepung Loseling Monastery which is supposed to provide healthcare to all Tibetans, both ordained and lay. It also conducts free medical camps in remote villages and aims to offer more extensive medical social services in the future.

For all the good work they are doing it is therefore shocking that this sign is so prominently displayed at Loseling Clinic (which is supposed to be a charitable medical centre) forbidding Dorje Shugden practitioners from visiting these premises. Freedom of religion in India is a fundamental right guaranteed by the country’s constitution so how can a clinic registered with the Indian government so blatantly contradict the constitution of India and be allowed to get away with it?.

Signs like this and the apartheid-like behaviour towrds Dorje Shugden practitioners project a very negative image of Tibetan Buddhists. … How is this tolerant, kind or moderate in any way?’